What is new:

Newly sculpted: O.O.A.K. Baby Chance.
Easter bunny babies.

Baby boy Kyle, 1:6 scale. (O.O.K. - Sold).

Baby girl Nahla, 1:6 scale (sold out).

Baby boy Ian, 1:6 scale. (Limited 50 babies - Sold out).

The 1 inch scale collection (1:12 dollhouse babies in resin):

"Baby Huggie" ( sold out):

"Baby Twinkle" (limited edition - sold out):

"Baby Snuggle" ( sold out):

"Baby Mist" (limited edition - sold out):

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2" One-of-a-Kind Baby Nicholas lives in a happy dollhouse in New Jersey! :)

Serena (Dolhouse sized One-of-a-Kind baby girl)

"Baby Kristia" 4" Limited Edition of 25.

"JACOB": 4" One-of-a-Kind Miniature Baby Sculpture.

"Katie": 4" One-of-a-Kind Miniature Baby Sculpture.

"Bleu": 4" One-of-a-Kind Miniature Baby Sculpture.

"Maui" now is living with his new dady, a doctor from South Carolina, USA.

"Aqua" is now living with her new mommy from the beautiful state of Oregon, USA.

"DewDrop" (2.5") now is living with parents from Tennessee, USA.
She was named "Fernanda" in honor of their daughter attending fashion school in Brazil.
Thank you for your second purchase!

Sold for a mommy who will display "Sephia" for her clients at her doctor's office.
Enjoy it!

"Paolo" was adopted by an Italian architect, a proud daddy of two gorgeous boys.
Ciao Paolo!

"RAPHIA" now lives with his newly wed parents in New York.
Best wishes!

" P e a c e " is a 3.5" smiling baby girl who now lives in Canada with her lovely mommy. Congratulations and thank you for your second purchase!

"Ray of Life" already met his caring mommy in Florida, USA, were they will have a good time. Congratulations!